Welcome to Brave River Ranch!

Before the white man and French fur traders, the Native Americans called it Brave River. They said, "you had to be brave to live there". It might have been the weather and floods, perhaps it was the great Indian Battle between the Potowatomie and the Cheyenne. A young Indian woman told of the battle at the July 4th Celebration in St. Marys in the 1850's, she said, "the river ran red with the blood of those that were slain". The oldest maps show it as Vermeil, which may be the French word for red orange, the color of blood.

The name of the river was changed to the Red Vermilion, by mapmakers and today it is the Vermillion on current road signs.

Archeologists from the Smithsonian Museum, in the 1970's, walked the valley and determined that the area where Brave River Ranch lies had been used as a campsite for thousands of years by Native Americans.

The Riding Instructor was born and raised on Brave River Ranch; first working cattle, then showing and training horses, then finally judging horse shows.

Because of many misadventures in her youth, safety and supervision are very important. She taught herself to ride Side-Saddle and rode in the Kansas Centennial Parade.

While living in the Wichita area, she taught herself to ride English and studied books on horsemanship.

She resided in the Lake Perry area and wrote the Proposal to establish Horse Trails in the State Park. After writing the proposal, she got the area saddle clubs to endorse the idea. It finally became established in 1977. It was the first horse trail in the State Park system in the State.

English, Western and Side-Saddle Horseback Riding lessons will be taught on an individual basis. Please call for an appointment, fee schedule and more information or visit our General Information Page.